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On June 20th, 2022

Celebrating 100 Stores!

Uptown Cheapskate recently celebrated a BIG milestone: We now have 100 stores open! Congratulations to our Lexington, Kentucky, store for having this amazing distinction in our network! Since our founding, Uptown Cheapskate has experienced steady expansion. 2021 was a record-breaking year for us, providing historic systemwide growth that positioned us to kick off 2022 with ...

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On April 22nd, 2022

Reuse & Recycle: Alternate Ways to Donate

This Earth Day, businesses and customers alike plan on making choices that reduce their impact on the environment. Fortunately for Uptown Cheapskate owners and shoppers, our business model is sustainable year-round! We help people care for the planet in multiple ways, particularly when it comes to reusing and recycling old clothing. Beyond helping to preserve ...

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On April 7th, 2022

Making Resale Feel Upscale

Years ago, the words “resale clothing” conjured visions of cluttered thrift stores, bargain bins, and dingy aesthetics. Customers often used to equate resale clothing with low-quality, cast-offs. Thankfully, the sentiment toward resale clothing is changing into something more positive. Uptown Cheapskate is playing a role in this mindset shift by offering resale shoppers an upscale ...

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On January 14th, 2022

Resale Means Budget Benefits

Perhaps the biggest draw of resale clothing stores is the price per item. Buyers can find high-quality, gently used apparel and accessories for a fraction of the cost of a similar item in a traditional retail store. At a time when U.S. citizens have limited disposable and discretionary income, saving money on clothes is huge. ...

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On December 10th, 2021

Is Resale Clothing Here to Stay? Yes!

The future of resale clothing is bright. But potential franchisees don’t just want to hear it. They need proof that the business model is poised for growth and success. Fortunately, the numbers don’t lie. Recent studies and industry deep-dives showcase how much demand is growing for high-quality clothing and accessories from resale shops like Uptown ...

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On September 23rd, 2021

Conscious Consumerism is in Vogue

There’s a long-held misconception that “used” needs to have a negative connotation. We think of previously used cars, electronics and even clothes as somehow inferior to “new” versions. But, in fact, it’s a stigma that’s due to break—and it is breaking. Thrifty consumers from all age groups are becoming a voice of reason for conscious ...

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On August 17th, 2021

Resale Clothing Industry to Hit $77B in 2025

Uptown Cheapskate stands out as a low-cost franchise opportunity in the booming resale industry The resale industry is booming, with projections of growth 11 times faster than the overall retail industry – and this is terrific news for Uptown Cheapskate, the iconic resale clothing franchise. The resale sector grew during the pandemic, and is projected ...

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On June 21st, 2021

Why Uptown Cheapskate’s Director of Franchising Believes Now is the Time to Open an Uptown Cheapskate

The future is bright for Uptown Cheapskate as we celebrate increased sales and a record number of new stores There were a few silver linings for Uptown Cheapskate resale clothing franchise after the pandemic: from prime real estate locations opening up, to continued expansion, to increased sales and brand recognition. For entrepreneurs looking for a ...

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On March 15th, 2021

Uptown Cheapskate Lands On Franchise Chatter’s 10 Best Apparel and Accessories List

Resale clothing business gains attention for rapid growth and potential for future expansion based on an adaptable business model Franchise Chatter has published their list of The 10 Best Apparel and Accessories Retail Franchises of 2021, and Uptown Cheapskate, resale clothing business, ranks high at No. 4. Popular among prospective entrepreneurs, Franchise Chatter ranks its ...

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On February 25th, 2021

Uptown Cheapskate, Resale Clothing Business, Review: Justin Crump

Owner of a resale clothing franchise opens up about how his business changed his life for the better Every entrepreneur goes into business for themselves with the hope that it will improve their lives. This is exactly what happened to Justin Crump when he opened his Uptown Cheapskate resale clothing business in American Fork, Utah ...

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