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Resale Transcends Demographics

In order to maximize sales, retail brands avoid pigeonholing when it comes to targeting customers. Although having an ideal customer persona helps with marketing and branding, the most successful brands do not narrowly limit themselves within the marketplace. This is one reason resale shops have been so successful. People who shop resale clothing stores cross demographic boundaries, creating a vast customer base. Uptown Cheapskate’s secondhand clothing franchise has taken advantage of this incredible opportunity within the industry. As resale shopping becomes more popular with a wider segment of the population, our stores are poised for even greater success!

Who’s shopping resale?

Throughout its history, the secondhand industry has faced the stigma associated with low-cost, used goods. However, today’s marketplace is more accepting and encouraging of resale, especially in the clothing sector.

Both women and men turn to resale clothing at Uptown Cheapskate. Although thrifting has traditionally been considered a female-focused activity, resale clothing is applicable to and appreciated by men across the nation. T-shirts and sneakers are particularly popular with men.

Resale’s popularity spans generations, as well. It’s clear young buyers are leading the resale clothing trend. ThredUp’s 2021 Resale Report indicated Millennials and Gen Zers are secondhand’s largest demographic, with 40% of each age group surveyed having purchased secondhand apparel, footwear or accessories. The report states 32% of Gen Xers, and even 16% of Baby Boomers have explored secondhand clothing as well. Parents, in particular Gen X and Millennials, are driving growth by turning to resale clothing for their children.

In addition, traditional income demographics for resale are changing. Thrifting was once correlated with low-income earners, but research indicates this is no longer true, as middle-income earners are also likely to shop secondhand, meaning there’s a large middle-class market for resale clothing.

It’s clear resale resonates with people from all socioeconomic backgrounds, and across genders and generations. Rather than asking “who” is shopping resale, the better question might be “Why?” One of the biggest factors for thrift shoppers is cost – finding numerous high-quality pieces for a fraction of the traditional retail price. However, there are many factors beyond financial. Today’s thrifters are increasingly focused on shopping sustainably while supporting small, local businesses instead of major retail conglomerates.

Uptown Cheapskate’s broad-reaching market

As a leading upscale resale franchise brand, Uptown Cheapskate has zeroed in on a subsection of the vast secondhand shopper’s market. Our trendy and chic stores resonate most with younger shoppers, particularly Millennials and Gen Zers, both male and female. We attract teens and young adults because of the modern, stylish clothing we carry, our upscale aesthetic mimicking that of a hip retail store found in malls, and the low impact we have on the environment.

The parents of our younger shoppers are also frequent customers, visiting our stores to purchase inexpensive clothing for their rapidly growing teens. We serve this market by providing a shopping experience that is organized and easy, with no apps or websites to scroll through, or bins and baskets to dig through.

By targeting these various consumer groups, Uptown Cheapskate enjoys a large customer base in territories across the country, positioning our franchise stores for long term growth and success.

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