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Uptown Cheapskate Stands Apart in Secondhand

Resale clothing has been around for a long time. Avid thrifters have come to enjoy browsing racks for hidden gems they can’t find anywhere else. However, traditional “secondhand” has come with some purchasing risks and a lower-quality ambiance for buyers.

The older version of secondhand has been edged out by a higher-end version that modern shoppers demand. Uptown Cheapskate has disrupted the secondhand clothing market with its upscale aesthetic and brand-name product line.

Today’s buyers want quality

Millennial and Gen Z buyers have tight budgets for new clothes. This means they’re scouring stores for deals—but they still want the same high quality that they’d find at a traditional retail store. Eco-conscious and buying for the long term, these shoppers are looking for garments that are in good shape and will last them years.

Because of this, buying resale clothing might feel risky to them. Secondhand clothing has been worn before and could be ripped, stained or otherwise worn out. Uptown Cheapskate stands apart from resale chains of the past because we actively remove this risk.

Every time an item comes through our doors for resale, we check it for quality. Damaged items are not put on our racks. Instead, they’re refused or donated on the customer’s behalf. We sell only the best, gently used articles of clothing in each of our stores, so our name has become synonymous with quality.

Today’s buyers want luxury

Beyond quality, modern shoppers are still interested in buying from popular brands. Brand-name stores lead the style trends, and Millennials and Gen Z don’t want to fall behind. This is where Uptown Cheapskate has really carved out its niche.

Although some Uptown Cheapskate stores accept vintage and retro clothing, we’re mostly focused on reselling on trend garments and accessories. During our quality check, we also screen for style to ensure the items are things today’s buyers actually want to wear.

Brands are also important to us. We pride ourselves on offering clothing, shoes and accessories from brands like Free People, Zara, Lululemon, Nordstrom and Vans. This allows our buyers to find items they’d normally buy at a mall for a fraction of the cost. We even accept consignment items for luxury brands like Coach, Chanel and Prada. While other stores might only have rare finds, our racks are full of popular-branded garments.

Uptown Cheapskate has earned its edge

Between our quality and luxury offerings, Uptown Cheapskate has earned its unique place in the secondhand clothing market. Our buyers come to us because they know they will find in-style, brand-name items that fit their budget. The same cannot be said for some other resale stores that buyers might be familiar with!

This also allows us to compete with emerging secondhand options at individual stores. Unlike resale from a single brand, buyers can find a plethora of brands on our racks. They still get the fun and excitement of finding unexpected items, but they know each garment or accessory has been quality-checked and vetted.

And, when meeting with entrepreneurs who are considering Uptown Cheapskate franchise store ownership in their community, we are sure to tell them we are ranked #1 in the Apparel and Accessories category published by Entrepreneur magazine’s annual Franchise 500® listing. We are incredibly proud of this distinction because it affirms our mission, our model and our success!

At the end of the day, Uptown Cheapskate is not your average resale clothing store. We’re helping to change the way buyers think of secondhand clothing and delivering high-value items that today’s shoppers really want. These differentiators have helped us grow to 100 locations across the United States and build a network of thriving business owners.

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