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Making Resale Feel Upscale

Years ago, the words “resale clothing” conjured visions of cluttered thrift stores, bargain bins, and dingy aesthetics. Customers often used to equate resale clothing with low-quality, cast-offs. Thankfully, the sentiment toward resale clothing is changing into something more positive. Uptown Cheapskate is playing a role in this mindset shift by offering resale shoppers an upscale experience.

Our stores sell affordable, gently used garments almost exclusively. However, our stores look just like the other clothing retailers young shoppers frequent at the mall. With our bright, fun, and high-quality aesthetic, we provide our shoppers a top-of-the-line resale experience…and keep them coming back for more!

Upscale ambiance

One of the simplest ways we’ve helped combat the traditional idea of resale is by creating a store that looks and feels just like any other trendy shop. From the moment buyers see our storefront to when they check out, they’ll be in a welcoming environment.

Uptown Cheapskate’s marketing materials, including our logo, color scheme, and other visuals, are trendy and clear. Inside and out, customers will find fun, fresh signage that helps them navigate and learn about our offerings.

Additionally, every store is outfitted with abundant lighting, clean shelving, and clear paths that make it easy to walk around. Mannequins showcase display outfits to inspire guests as they shop. This combination ensures our stores maintain an upscale and inviting atmosphere.

High-quality item assurance

The items shoppers find in our stores are equally important. Today’s buyers demand quality, even when they’re looking for discounted clothing. Uptown Cheapskate’s quality assurance process ensures they’ll find what they’re looking for.

Any time a customer brings in clothing to sell, we carefully screen each garment for quality and trendiness. We want items that are gently used and still in great condition—meaning they’re free of stains, tears, snags, broken zippers, and other issues. If it’s not ready to be worn, we won’t buy it and place it on our racks!

We also identify whether the garments are appropriate for today’s styles and seasons. Our goal is to offer clothing that’s similar to what shoppers can find in traditional retail, only for a fraction of the cost. For this reason, we keep an eye out for popular brands and prioritize those over off-brands and outdated pieces.

Great shopping experience

When customers visit Uptown Cheapskate, they leave feeling like they’ve shopped at any other traditional store. That’s because we’ve tailored our shopping experience to feel like The Gap, Nordstrom or J. Crew.

Garments are easy to find thanks to our organized shopping system. Each article of clothing is placed on racks or shelves according to size and color. There are no bargain bins to dig through to find good pieces! Every item is high-quality and on trend, meaning our racks are full of not-so-hidden gems. Buyers spend less time searching and more time having fun.

Shoppers can also ensure pieces fit by trying garments on in our fitting rooms. Ordinary thrift stores don’t always offer buyers this luxury, meaning they might be uncertain about how something actually looks and feels. Uptown Cheapskate’s customers feel good about every purchase they make.

From start to finish, Uptown Cheapskate makes every shopping experience a pleasant one for cost-conscious customers. Our buyers get to feel like they’re shopping in a mall—without any of the high prices! This is how we’ve helped transform the way buyers think about shopping resale and how we’ve differentiated ourselves in the resale clothing market.

Are you ready to offer your community a chic and trendy shopping destination? Uptown Cheapskate continues to expand our network of resale clothing franchises across the country. Fill out our online form to request more information today!