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How Much Money Can I Make with Uptown Cheapskate?

Uptown Cheapskate franchise offers a proven business model with high profit potential

“How much money can I make?” This question is perhaps the most common question any entrepreneur has about a business opportunity – and for good reason. You want to know if it will be worth it to leave a career and make a significant investment in both time and money, in order to spend every day in a business you can be passionate about.

With almost 100 locations open across the country, dozens of entrepreneurs have made this decision about Uptown Cheapskate, and most of them have made that decision more than once by scaling up to multi-unit ownership. As one of the fastest-growing resale clothing franchises in the nation, Uptown Cheapskate focuses on keeping the cost of ownership low and accelerating business ownership through easy access to financing, which allows more entrepreneurs than ever the opportunity to own a business that is vitally important for the communities they serve, as well as the environment. In short, this is a business that makes a difference.

And we never forget that our franchisees are in business. Our visionary leadership team has designed a business model that makes Uptown Cheapskate simple to run, quick to scale and maximizes profitability over the long term. Our world-class support ensures that our franchise owners are never alone in their businesses, and they have the resources they need to stay relevant with their communities from their first day open and every day after.

Uptown Cheapskate

According to our 2022 Franchise Disclosure Document Item 19, our top 25% of stores in sales volume boasted average sales of $1,563,885 and an average net income of $372,049. The second 25% saw average sales of $1,189,083 and an average net income of $247,326 Ultimately, how well you will do in business is entirely up to you, but as our franchise owners have proven, the sky’s the limit.

To get a better understanding of how well Uptown Cheapskate franchise owners do in their businesses, consider this breakdown from Item 19 of our Franchise Disclosure Document:




Initial Franchise Fee



Travel & Living Expenses while Training



Real Estate Deposit & Improvements



Exterior Signage



Interior Signage



Fixtures (Racks, Displays, Counter, etc.)



Computer System Hardware & Software



BaseCamp® Software Suite



Security System



Grand Opening Promotion



Opening Inventory



Incorporation Docs



Loan Fees



Licenses, Permits, Utility Deposits



Supplies, Misc. Expenses



Pre-Opening Working Capital



Additional Funds/Working Capital







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