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Secondhand’s Role in Holiday Shopping

The holiday season is fast approaching, and people are starting to create gift lists for their loved ones. Unfortunately, with budgets tighter than ever, gift giving is sure to be a source of stress for countless American families. It’s likely more shoppers will turn to secondhand for their holiday shopping this year.

Upscale resale clothing stores like Uptown Cheapskate provide a fantastic alternative for families and friends of teens and young adults looking for clothing and accessory gifts. With lower prices than traditional retail and more unique garments and accessories, we’re helping shoppers stretch their budgets and discover great gifts!

Holiday growth in resale

Resale is popular throughout the entire year – especially clothing resale. However, the holidays are a huge season for retail as a whole, and most businesses see an uptick in sales during the last few months of the year. Given secondhand shopping’s explosive growth, it stands to reason that resale will also see a boom during the holiday shopping season.

In fact, resale for gifting is already a popular choice. Last year, 77% of American adults expected to buy at least one secondhand item during the 2021 holiday season. That number was even higher among younger buyers: 86% of people ages 25–44 expected to holiday shop secondhand. Clothing was the most popular category for resale holiday gifts.

One of the major reasons people choose secondhand clothing is cost savings. However, other factors, such as sustainability, are also at play. Supply chain issues were another consideration last year—and these challenges are expected to continue into the 2022 holiday season. With traditional retail stores struggling to stock shelves, fully stocked and affordably priced resale clothes will be even more appealing.

Why customers choose holiday resale

There are many avenues shoppers might pursue when shopping for secondhand clothing and accessory gifts.Whether for family members, friends or themselves, resale clothing meets a multitude of needs during the winter holidays.

  • Quality gifts for families with tight budgets: Families with growing teens or young adults are feeling intense pressure from inflation this year. This means they’ll have less money to spend on holiday gifts. If their children want clothing, shoes, or accessories, they can buy more for much less at Uptown Cheapskate, allowing them to find high-quality items that will still earn a smile—without breaking the bank.
  • Accessible options for teens and young adults: Resale is the perfect fit for young shoppers who are eager to swap gifts with friends but have limited budgets. Many teens and young adults save up from their part-time jobs but aren’t able to buy their friends expensive items from the mall. By choosing secondhand garments, they’re able to give exciting and unique holiday gifts for a fraction of the cost.
  • Fun family and friend experiences: Many people are more interested in making holiday traditions and sharing experiences with their family and friends. Thrifting is a fun activity that combines the social element of shopping with the excitement of finding hidden gems, since every store has unique inventory. Young shoppers might choose to host a holiday thrift outing with their friends to have fun, make memories, and find great deals on gifts.
  • Holiday outfits without the big price tag: Holiday parties for school, work, and family gatherings often come with a fancier dress code. Unfortunately, young adults might not have the budget for expensive dresses, slacks and shoes. Secondhand clothing stores like Uptown Cheapskate carry high-quality outfits for holidays and events without the expensive price tag, so these shoppers can feel luxuriously dressed while on a budget.

With shoppers flocking to stores to complete their holiday lists—whether for themselves or for others—secondhand is sure to be in the mix. Aspiring entrepreneurs who want to give back to their community and join the thriving secondhand clothing industry should inquire about Uptown Cheapskate, one of the nation’s leading resale clothing franchises. Request information to begin your journey and get your store open in time for next year’s holiday season!