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Resale is Great for Teenage Growth Spurts

Young kids aren’t the only ones who grow like weeds. As they enter adolescence, many teens sprout up seemingly overnight! One month, their new shoes fit—and the next month, they’re too small. This is a common challenge for parents of middle and high schoolers, especially those with tight clothing budgets.

Thankfully, more communities across the nation have affordable alternatives like Uptown Cheapskate to turn to. Our stores offer a wide selection of gently used clothing, shoes and accessories that are great for those growth spurts. By providing stylish, low-cost apparel each change of season,  Uptown Cheapskate has solidified itself as a staple destination for countless families each year.

Teens grow—and grow fast

Whether they’re just entering puberty or are a few years into teen-dom, high school-aged kids continue to grow. Changes around these years can happen quickly, followed by periods of slow growth and even more spurts.

What this means for many families is their kids change before they realize. Their teenage son might fit into his jeans one year, but by the next, they’re 2 inches too short! Or, their 15-year-old daughter might discover her sweatshirt from spring fits more like a cropped hoodie by fall. These growth spurts often take parents by surprise, and they can happen one right after another.

Unfortunately, tight budgets don’t leave much room for unexpected size changes. If a family has spent their clothing budget on back-to-school but their teen needs new shoes or jackets, what then? Teens still need comfortable, appropriate clothing!

Resale gives parents an affordable solution

The cost of clothing from the mall or traditional clothing stores continues to rise. This puts a lot of pressure on families with growing teens and young adults. Fortunately, resale clothing is becoming a mainstay in more families’ shopping routine.

Uptown Cheapskate stores help parents meet their growing children’s needs without breaking the bank. Our selection of stylish, gently-used apparel costs a fraction of what clothing costs at the mall. This makes it the perfect solution for those unexpected situations where new jeans or shoes aren’t in the budget, but are necessary.

Kids don’t have to worry about wearing outdated clothing, either. Today’s young adults take a lot of pride in their personal style—and they don’t have to compromise on that when they shop resale! Our rigorous review process not only checks for clothing damage but also vets the items to ensure they’re still stylish and on-trend. Teens visiting Uptown Cheapskate can enjoy the thrill of finding unique garments that make them look great.

We serve communities’ growing families

Growth spurts happen, but they don’t have to be a source of stress for families. Uptown Cheapskate’s resale clothing model allows parents and teens to purchase gently-used clothing at a price point they can afford. They can even sell their old, outgrown pieces to offset the cost of the new ones!

Aside from serving communities with our business, we also give entrepreneurs a recession-resistant, evergreen business model. Teens aren’t going to stop growing, and there’s a constant rotation of families in cities across the nation. Even in times of economic turbulence, our low prices attract buyers who need clothing for their kids. This large customer base has helped Uptown Cheapskate grow to 100 locations and counting!

Interested in launching a small business that helps families stress less and save on clothing? Consider investing in Uptown Cheapskate’s sustainable and successful business model! We’re looking for passionate entrepreneurs to expand our franchise system to communities everywhere. Get started by requesting information and discussing our opportunity with a franchise consultant.