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Our Charitable Culture Produces Big Wins

The young consumers of today appreciate affordability, experience, and speed, but that’s not all they care about. They also shop with their values. Millennials and Generation Z want to buy from brands that align with their beliefs and are ethically and sustainably responsible. In short, young buyers like brands that do good for the world.

At Uptown Cheapskate, our culture of giving back is a huge win for our shoppers—many of whom fall in that Millennial/Gen Z demographic. After all, Uptown Cheapskate is not just a business. We care about community and the planet, and our charitable efforts prove it.

Multiple local impacts

Uptown Cheapskate gives back to the local community in more ways than one. First and foremost, we’re a local operation. Our small business owners buy and sell garments right from our neighbors, which puts money into community members’ pockets. Although franchisees get support from our national brand and corporate team, each store focuses on local customers and fashion trends. This is a boon for buyers who want to shop small instead of supporting major corporations.

Our store owners also have the opportunity to support local charities. We encourage every store owner to select a handful of charitable organizations that mean the most to them. These often include homeless shelters and groups supporting women, victims of domestic violence, and those with medical needs.

When customers bring in clothing that our owners can’t sell in their stores, they can donate the items to their preferred charities. The customer gets a receipt for their donation, and people in need get gently-used clothing. Since our founding, we’ve supported over 50 charities nationwide and have donated thousands of garments to local organizations.

Giving back on a global scale

Our charitable culture doesn’t stop there, though. What our U.S.-based stores do has a tremendous impact around the world! Uptown Cheapskate and its sister brand, Kid to Kid, host two charity events each year to raise money for buildOn, an organization that builds schools in developing countries.

Our biannual Fill-a-Bag Sales allow customers to stuff a shopping bag full of clothes for just $15. All of the proceeds go directly to buildOn to support the creation of more schools. Between the efforts of Uptown Cheapskate and Kid to Kid, our stores have raised a total of $658,021! Our partnership has allowed us to build 21 schools around the world—and even more are in the works.

BuildOn works with each community to ensure the schools are sustainably built and that male and female students get equal opportunities to learn. This mission resonates with customers of all ages and backgrounds who believe everyone is entitled to a great education.

Meeting conscious consumers’ needs

Customers appreciating our charitable culture isn’t merely anecdotal. Numerous studies have illustrated that younger buyers, in particular, are aligning their spending with their beliefs. Around 83% of Millennials want companies to align with their values. Another survey found that one-fifth of Gen Z buyers strongly agree that brands must share their personal values. That same study showed that 65% of respondents have adjusted to supporting more local small businesses.

What these stats mean is that aligned culture is a big win for the conscious consumers of today. They want to put their hard-earned dollars toward brands that give back and put good out into the world. Between our local and global charity efforts and our sustainable model, Uptown Cheapskate certainly fits the bill!

In addition to customers, aspiring entrepreneurs are drawn to our community-centric business model. If you’re interested in starting a small business and have a desire to do good and do well, consider joining the Uptown Cheapskate family! Our resale clothing franchise opportunity blends smart business with a culture of giving back. Request franchise information today to get started.