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Who’s the Target Uptown Cheapskate Customer?

Pinpointing target customers in retail isn’t always easy. But in order to successfully market your business, you need to know who to market to! Uptown Cheapskate’s resale clothing franchise model focuses on a few key customer segments that are in tune with modern shopping and fashion industry trends.

Who we serve

Uptown Cheapskate targets one main customer group: the coveted younger-generation buyer. However, there are a few adjacent demographics our franchise owners should be aware of when they’re planning to market in their local communities.

Millennials and Generation Z

Our primary customers are younger buyers—typically Millennials and Generation Z shoppers. These buyers are ideally between 18 to 25, or teens and young adults.

Younger shoppers are identifying their personal styles and want to try out new fashions, but they might not have a large budget to work with. They tend to be more cost-conscious, hunting for deals. Millennials and Gen Z buyers are also largely responsible for the rise of the resale fashion industry. With options to both upcycle and purchase gently-used clothes, Uptown Cheapskate is a great choice for these customers.

“We serve the 18–25 year-old demographic perfectly,” says Sloan Carroll, Brand President of Uptown Cheapskate. “Our primary demographic is a college-aged person or a person just out of college who needs to invest in a J. Crew blazer for a job interview but doesn’t want to spend $165 for it.”

Parents of teens

Because Uptown Cheapskate carries clothing for teens, it’s likely that some of our customers will be shopping with their parents or guardians. Parents often shop with their kids for back-to-school wardrobes and holiday gifts. They, too, are interested in finding deals and getting great quality for less money.

Male and female shoppers

Many teen- and young adult-focused fashion brands cater more heavily to female buyers. However, Uptown Cheapskate buys and sells clothing for both men and women. Resale is a great choice for men, especially when the store is organized and offers quality garments. Our stores attract both male and female shoppers every day!

Why our shoppers choose Uptown Cheapskate

Over the years, the Uptown Cheapskate team has designed our company to cater specifically to our target demographics. Our stores’ layout, aesthetic and business model hit important elements of our buyers’ ideal shopping experiences.

Lower prices

Uptown Cheapskate’s clothing is generally marked down as low as 70% off original retail. This creates huge savings for our buyers every single day. For today’s shoppers, getting clothing for less is more important than ever before.

The Great Recession impacted Millennials entering the workforce, and the effects are still present. Combined with current events, Millennials and Gen Z shoppers have less disposable income than their parents and grandparents did. Our business allows them to find great-quality items without overextending their budgets.

Conscious branding

Conscious consumerism is huge for younger demographics. Millennials and Gen Z shoppers want to know that the brands they frequent are doing good things for the world. Uptown Cheapskate appeals to this mindset in a few ways.

First and foremost, our resale clothing franchise puts sustainability at the forefront. Buying used instead of new allows a buyer to reduce their carbon footprint by 60–70%. With 77 percent of Millennials wanting to buy from environmentally conscious brands, these numbers are critical.

Additionally, Uptown Cheapskate is also a local operation. Although owners have support from our nationwide brand and parent company, the clothes they circulate come from the local community. We pay customers for their used clothes and pay local employees to work in our stores, which benefits the regional economy.

Upscale aesthetic

Although thrifting has become popular with younger shoppers, many Millennials and Gen Z-ers want the feeling of shopping in a mall or boutique. Staying in style is also still important, especially if they’re stocking their wardrobes for school or their first jobs.

Uptown Cheapskate stores are well-lit, use an open layout and organize clothing by size and color. This allows us to offer a chic and trendy experience that isn’t found in other secondhand or thrift stores. We also stock name brands that are popular with our buyers, ensuring they can find pieces they love for a fraction of their original cost.

Bring an Uptown Cheapskate to your community

By opening an Uptown Cheapskate store in a new region, owners help make resale clothing more mainstream and give younger buyers a way to do good for their community and the planet. We’re seeking passionate, business-minded and community-focused entrepreneurs interested in building their very own resale clothing business. Request more information about our franchise opportunity, and a representative will be in touch!