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Resale is Great for Men, Too!

One of the oldest shopping stereotypes is that woman love to shop, and men do not. Both traditional retail and secondhand clothing stores tend to cater to women for this reason. However, these stores miss out on an important segment of the market—male shoppers.

Resale is a great option for men for many reasons. Upscale resale apparel shops like Uptown Cheapskate cater to the psychology of how men shop as well as growing consumer trends across genders. Take a closer look at the market for men’s resale and why we make sure our stores offer both men’s and women’s resale clothing.

Men and women shop differently

It’s often believed that men don’t like shopping or fashion as much as women do. This isn’t true! There’s a huge market for men’s fashion, both in traditional retail and resale.

However, it’s important for clothing stores to realize that men and women may shop in different ways. Namely, men tend to be more task-oriented when they shop. They’re more likely to look for specific items in a store, as opposed to browsing.

Men also often prefer high-quality, long-lasting clothing items. They’re usually willing to pay a little more per item for these guarantees, instead of hunting for bargains.

However, younger generations of shoppers are also influenced by economic factors and conscious consumerism, regardless of gender. Both Millennial and Gen Z men and women are increasingly focused on finding inexpensive clothing as well as clothing that’s produced sustainably.

There’s a growing market for men’s resale

Given the psychology of male shoppers and emerging consumer trends, upscale resale is poised to capture this growing niche of buyers. Online resale platforms have been increasingly focused on men’s apparel in recent years, demonstrating that the market is there.

Men’s resale clothing caters to male shopping behaviors while also remaining eco-friendly and inexpensive. As more men learn about brick-and-mortar and online resale opportunities, they are turning to these places to buy their clothes.

It’s also important to note that many women buy men’s clothing. While shopping for themselves, they might be tempted to pick up a garment for their partner, father or son. Resale locations that sell both men’s and women’s clothing allow shoppers to fill the whole family’s wardrobe in one place.

Uptown Cheapskate meets men’s resale demand

The Uptown Cheapskate model ensures that each store carries a variety of resale clothing for both men and women. Here’s how we are prepared to meet demand.

  • Quality checks: Every time we accept garments for resale, they go through our rigorous review process. Quality checks ensure our items are only gently used and have a lot of useable life remaining. Buyers won’t find clothing with snags, tears, broken zippers and stains. This makes the shopping process easier for all buyers, including task-oriented male shoppers.
  • Great organization: Uptown Cheapskate’s stores are well lit and filled with racks and shelves of clothing organized by size. This allows shoppers to find exactly what they’re looking for, whether it’s pants and shirts or accessories like hats. There are no bargain bins to hunt through. Our shopping experience is simple, streamlined and easy!
  • Name brand recognition: We aim to carry clothing from popular name brands that male shoppers are already familiar with. Knowing they can get garments from their favorite brands for a fraction of the price brings more buyers through our doors.
  • Diverse selection: Our diverse selection of men’s clothing and accessories makes it easy for men to shop for everything they need in one place. They’re able to fill their closets with tops, pants, jackets, belts, shoes and more.
  • Range of styles: Uptown Cheapskate focuses on teen and young adult buyers, and we carry items in a range of popular styles. Even if they’re shopping with a parent, male shoppers are able to explore their style without paying full price.

The Uptown Cheapskate franchise opportunity is the perfect fit for entrepreneurs who care about their community, the environment and owning a business in a growing industry. Take advantage of the exploding resale clothing market today! Request more information and see if owning an Uptown Cheapskate is right for you.