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A Day in the Life of an Uptown Cheapskate Franchisee

Uptown Cheapskate Provides Franchisee Flexible Work/Life Balance and the Satisfaction of Business Ownership

Being a multi-unit store owner with Uptown Cheapskate in Utah has provided Justin Crump with the freedom to spend time with his family, travel and whatever else he desires. It’s given him and his wife the freedom to spend time with their young children, whether it’s taking them to school or going to a soccer game.

“I get asked often if I’d do it again,” Justin says. “Absolutely. 10 out of 10 times. I was able to take both my kids to school on their first day, and I have that flexibility to go to a soccer game or whatever I need to do.”

He also enjoys the freedom that comes with controlling his own schedule. “I really like deciding how I spend my time and when and what I end up doing. Whether that be with my family, which is number one, or on the things that are important to me.”

His wife Natalie, a former first-grade teacher, echoes his enthusiasm for the Uptown Cheapskate opportunity providing their family with a more flexible lifestyle.

uptown cheapskate franchisee

“The jobs we had previously wouldn’t allow us to stay home with the kids,” she says. “So that’s been a huge benefit for myself personally just to achieve that goal. We came across Uptown and it was a huge leap of faith, but we just felt like it was the right move for us and something that would benefit us.”

Before becoming an Uptown Cheapskate franchisee, Justin worked for his local county parks and recreation department. He never imagined his foray into the business world would be in the highly lucrative upscale resale clothing.

“I never thought I would open a clothing store by any stretch of the imagination,” he says. “The best part about owning a franchise is…it may sound cheesy…but it doesn’t really feel like work when I come into the store and it’s not like punching a clock.”


The Crumps opened their first Uptown Cheapskate store a decade ago. And although Jason says it was challenging at first, it was a good experience to be on his own and have home office support along the way. “Basecamp helped with a lot of things we needed. The second year was great and we decided to open another location three years into it or so. It’s been great,” he says. “The thing I value most from a franchise perspective is that I’m not alone. That’s why we bought a franchise, because we wanted to have that support.”

The camaraderie and support with fellow owners are also important. Uptown Cheapskate has an impassioned franchise network, and the owners collaborate, share best practices, and engage in friendly competition.

“We share all the ups and downs,” he adds. “We have friendly competitions back and forth. It’s great to be part of a supportive team.”

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