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Reuse & Recycle: Alternate Ways to Donate

This Earth Day, businesses and customers alike plan on making choices that reduce their impact on the environment. Fortunately for Uptown Cheapskate owners and shoppers, our business model is sustainable year-round! We help people care for the planet in multiple ways, particularly when it comes to reusing and recycling old clothing.

Beyond helping to preserve the Earth, our franchise has a major competitive advantage in the growing resale clothing industry. By offering multiple options to our buyers, Uptown Cheapskate is sustainable both in green efforts and in business!

Expanding options for customers

Today’s customers are increasingly focused on being “green.” Rather than throw out old clothing, they want to extend its life in some way. This is particularly important as the fast fashion industry becomes one of the world’s largest polluters. Historically, donation was one of the only ways to accomplish this goal. But now, Uptown Cheapskate gives shoppers alternative choices for reusing clothing. Not only can they buy used clothes at our stores—they can get rid of them, too!

Our buy-back program is a departure from the typical method of extending garments’ lives. Before, customers would spend money on clothing, donate it and spend even more. Now, Uptown Cheapskate customers can earn money back from the clothes they sell to our stores. We’ll take used clothing that’s trendy, high-quality and in good shape in exchange for cash. Or, shoppers can earn even more in store credit, which they can use to refresh their wardrobes. This not only rewards customers for recycling clothes but also incentivizes them to do it routinely.

If customers have high-value items from luxury brands like Chanel, Prada or Gucci, we even give them the option of consignment. Uptown Cheapskate handles the sale process, alleviating the customer’s burden of listing products. When it sells, we offer the seller up to 60% of the sale price.

Of course, donation is still a viable way of reusing clothing. We can’t accept all garments from customers, especially if items are out of style or have substantial wear and tear. In this case, Uptown Cheapskate gives customers another option: We’ll do the heavy lifting and donate used clothing on their behalf!

Uptown Cheapskate owners can select a few charities in their local area to support with un-sellable clothing donations. Our stores will accept items from customers, provide a receipt for tax deductions and pass the garments along to households in need. In doing so, we’ve supported approximately 50 charities across the nation, all while reusing and recycling clothing that otherwise would have been thrown away!

Making it easy to be green

Between our buy-back and donation programs, Uptown Cheapskate offers much more to our shoppers. We’re not just a place to find high-quality, gently used clothing items. We also help put money back into buyers’ pockets, donate items to people in need and preserve the environment! Uptown Cheapskate serves as a one-stop shop for fashion lovers looking for ways to embrace their personal style while being green.

Over the years, our clothing reuse and recycle models have had a tremendous impact. We know that if a clothing item is used for an extra nine months, we reduce that item’s carbon, water and waste impact by 20-30%. By reselling shopper’s clothes through our buy-back program and donating leftover pieces to charity, Uptown Cheapskate has kept millions of garments out of landfills every year.

Shoppers want options that are simple, affordable and sustainable. We serve both ends of the spectrum by recycling, reusing and reselling clothing. Today, our buyers know that Uptown Cheapskate serves them and the planet.

Does opening a sustainable resale clothing franchise sound like an adventure you’re ready for? Contact Uptown Cheapskate today to learn more about our investment opportunity and begin the discovery process.