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Uptown Cheapskate, Resale Clothing Business, Review: Justin Crump

Owner of a resale clothing franchise opens up about how his business changed his life for the better

Every entrepreneur goes into business for themselves with the hope that it will improve their lives. This is exactly what happened to Justin Crump when he opened his Uptown Cheapskate resale clothing business in American Fork, Utah three years ago.

resale clothing business owner

“It opened many doors for me,” Crump says. “My work/life balance has been really great. It changed my life financially, for sure, but franchising allows me the flexibility in my schedule to spend time with my family and travel. I didn’t have that opportunity before.”

The last year has taught us all the meaning of “value”. Uptown Cheapskate provides young professionals with enormous value by delivering a upscale resale shopping experience that helps them save big on name-brand fashion. We also help our customers by giving them money for their clothes, which also acts as a great marketing strategy to win new customers.

“Our most powerful message is our cash for clothes message,” Crump says. “When you offer cash for something everyone has, it gets people in the door. When they’re here, they’re super impressed with the look and feel of the store and it makes them feel comfortable purchasing things from us.”

Uptown Cheapskate focuses on sustainability. By selling gently used clothes, we’re able to keep good items out of the landfills and push back against the horrible practices of the fast fashion industry. Our franchisees are passionate about bettering their community and the environment, and Crump shares this passion.

“The thing I like about the resale fashion industry is its sustainability,” Crump explains. “It’s always going to be around and has been around – but it’s really gaining popularity right now. People like the fact that we aren’t creating new items to put into the environment. They can come in and get a deal on what they know would cost much more anywhere else and they love the added benefit of it being sustainable.”

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