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Uptown Cheapskate Lands On Franchise Chatter’s 10 Best Apparel and Accessories List

Resale clothing business gains attention for rapid growth and potential for future expansion based on an adaptable business model

Franchise Chatter has published their list of The 10 Best Apparel and Accessories Retail Franchises of 2021, and Uptown Cheapskate, resale clothing business, ranks high at No. 4.

resale clothing business store shot

Popular among prospective entrepreneurs, Franchise Chatter ranks its franchise candidates based on performance benchmarks in sales, profits, and return on investment. Uptown Cheapskate’s inclusion on the list highlights our success in the industry through exhibiting our support for our franchise partners and our ability to prepare them for the market demand.

Brand’s appeal is carefully curated through image, marketing

Uptown Cheapskate’s look and feel as a business are calibrated to attract a chic vibe, something that caught the Franchise Chatter team’s attention. As they put it, “it’s their status as an inexpensive option that will let these franchises grow in strength.” The editors also called out Uptown Cheapskate’s deep charitable commitment.

Our upscale, resale clothing is a quality-affordable option to fashion without the sacrifice of style — a major advantage to franchise owners as affordability is likely to be more popular as restrictions continue to be lifted during these economically difficult times.

Consumers’ desire for quality, affordable clothing drives growth

In the long term, a shift toward more socially conscious shopping may create opportunities for positive business investments. Uptown Cheapskate franchise owners give items a second life by selling them at a significantly reduced price from retail. Our customers love the savings – both monetary and environmental.

With exceptional support, low startup costs, and visionary leadership that puts franchisee success before anything else, our brand is poised to grow now and in future markets. Uptown Cheapskate is an exciting, lucrative business opportunity that is making a real difference.

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