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Uptown Cheapskate Rewards Your Wardrobe and Your Wallet

The love of thrifted finds and a return to social gatherings are driving the already booming resale clothing industry

As the world adjusts to a new normal, people are venturing out more from home to work, socialize and shop. Many consumers want to treat themselves to a wardrobe update, but their wallets may have other plans. Enter Uptown Cheapskate resale clothing franchise as the answer to what your closet and your wallet need!=

A recent Associated Press article touts the wardrobe purge that many will undertake after the pandemic lockdown of wearing the same outfits at home. People have also been spending more time at home, organizing and cleaning out their closets.

“I have four sets of jeans, seven shirts and five sweaters that I wear every week,” said Alina Clark, co-founder of a software development company in Los Angeles, in the article. “They’re everything I’ve worn in the last two years. Me and my wardrobe are suffering from COVID fatigue.”

As society returns to in-person interactions and embracing ways to live a more green lifestyle, secondhand clothing industry sales are expected to reach $77 billion in 2025 (ThredUP and research firm GlobalData).

Uptown Cheapskate offers something other resale stores don’t, however — an enjoyable elevated shopping journey with beautifully appointed, modern stores that is unlike the typical thrift store experience. It’s no wonder industry publication Franchise Chatter recently chose our upscale resale clothing franchise for its 10 Best Apparel and Accessories Retail Franchise opportunities of 2021.

Uptown Cheapskate is a great business investment from an entrepreneur’s standpoint as well as it is a low-cost business to launch that is both socially and financially rewarding.

Uptown Cheapskate is a financially and socially rewarding business

Since our founding in 2008, Uptown Cheapskate has provided entrepreneurs with a potentially lucrative business investment backed by world-class support. How much you make as a franchise owner depends on a variety of factors, from geographic location to access to inventory. According to our 2020 Franchise Disclosure Document Item 19, our top 25% of stores in sales volume boasted average sales of $1,350,933 and an average net income of $304,781. The second 25% saw average sales of $962,824 and an average net income of $158,988.

When you open an Uptown Cheapskate you can take pride in owning a local storefront that promotes eco-friendly living. Americans on average dispose of an estimated 70 to 80 pounds of clothing every year with almost 85 percent of our clothing going into landfills. Recycling unwanted clothing gives potentially discarded items new life instead of being added to a landfill. Uptown Cheapskate also helps customers who may have lost jobs during 2020’s economic uncertainty clothe themselves and their family in the latest styles on a budget. Uptown Cheapskate owners further give back to the communities in which they operate by donating unwanted clothing to local charities and nonprofit organizations.

“I think for any business owner to be successful in entrepreneurship they have to have a passion for it. It’s a lot of work and time and obviously a large financial investment, plus, there’s risk involved. It’s no small feat to go into entrepreneurship. I think it’s important for people who choose to open an Uptown Cheapskate to understand those values,” says Dave Martell, Uptown Cheapskate Director of Franchising. “They help people save money, help people recoup cash from clothes they’re no longer wearing, and help the community by opening a store where people can do that and recycle clothes and accessories. Our best franchisees understand those values. They have a passion for working with the local community even to the level of philanthropy and giving back, as we get a lot of donated products in our stores.”

Ready to start your new career as an Uptown Cheapskate upscale resale clothing franchise owner?

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