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How Uptown Cheapskate Combats Online Retail

One of the biggest threats to physical clothing stores is the rise of online shopping. But while e-commerce has seen tremendous growth in recent years, in-store shopping is not dead. Customers still enjoy the experience of going into a store, trying on clothes, and buying things in person.

This is especially true when it comes to secondhand clothing. At Uptown Cheapskate, we’ve designed an in-store resale clothing model that stands up against growing online platforms. Here’s why we feel confident about our upscale, in-person resale franchise.

Demand for in-store shopping is back

Before the pandemic, online shopping was already growing in popularity. Customers liked the convenience of buying items with a touch of a button, all from the comfort of their homes. Then, the pandemic forced customers to turn to online shopping. Everything from food and household goods to clothing and entertainment was bought online and delivered to their doors. But even though online shopping offered convenience, social isolation and stagnation had customers eager to return to in-store shopping.

Now, retailers are seeing returning demand for in-person experiences. One of the biggest drivers of this demand is the urge to return to normalcy. After months inside, shoppers are looking for a change of pace and scenery, which retail happily provides. There are other drivers of this demand, too. Not everything is easily purchased online, and many consumers want to support local small businesses rather than large chains. Consumers enjoy the in-store shopping experience of trying on clothes, feeling the fabrics, looking at care instructions, and comparing items side-by-side.

In-store shopping is not expected to go away anytime soon, either. According to Forrester, in-store shopping will still account for 72% of all sales in 2024. Even as e-commerce grows, it’s clear customers still want to shop for and purchase goods in a physical store.

We offer a unique shopping experience

In order to stand up to online shopping, physical stores need to offer great in-person shopping experiences. By making it easy to shop and offering other incentives, physical stores can continue to bring customers through their doors.

Uptown Cheapskate has built a few key elements into our shopping experience that gives us an advantage over our digital competitors. Even as more brands add resale clothing options to their online stores, customers still appreciate our in-person offerings.

  • Certainty in sizing: One of the biggest challenges people have while shopping for clothes is determining whether something will fit. Sizing differs across brands, and certain styles sit differently on everybody. If a buyer orders a garment online, there’s no guarantee it will fit. Uptown Cheapskate makes shopping for clothes easier by helping customers be certain about what fits—and what looks and feels great. While shopping in person, our customers can browse for different sizes easily thanks to our well-organized rack system. We also offer fitting rooms, so they can try on garments before checking out and getting home. The result is an easier, faster shopping experience and fewer headaches with returns.
  • Great store aesthetic: For many customers, shopping isn’t just a necessity—it’s something they do for fun. That’s part of why they prefer stores that are well-lit, nicely decorated, and have a good aesthetic. Many buyers dislike the “feel” of the average resale store and choose to shop online, instead. However, Uptown Cheapskate prides itself on our stores’ elevated aesthetic. Our branding mimics that of the GAP, not Goodwill. Buyers feel like they’re in a traditional retail store (but they’ll find much lower prices instead!). This way, traditional shoppers and thrifters alike feel comfortable when they visit.
  • Revolving inventory: When buyers go online to shop, they’re bound to find the same kinds of items. Each website will have a standard inventory in a range of sizes, and similar styles are sure to be found from their competitors, as well. Uptown Cheapskate offers something completely different. Because we’re a resale store, our inventory is constantly changing. No two stores will carry all the same items! This allows our customers to have an experience that pairs the fun of thrifting with the look and feel of an upscale store. They can browse the racks for hidden gems, then come back next week to find completely new things. Most online retailers simply can’t do the same!

Kickstart your resale clothing investment today

Uptown Cheapskate’s upscale resale clothing model offers a unique experience that online clothing retailers can’t compete with. Our stores serve and stand as a part of their local communities, giving us even more of a leg up with conscious consumers.

If you’re interested in opening your very own resale clothing store, request more information today. A representative will be in touch to help you learn more and begin your franchise journey!