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Who’s the Ideal Uptown Cheapskate Franchisee?

In the same way a business must suit its owner’s interests and goals, an aspiring owner must also be the right fit for the business. Uptown Cheapskate, one of the nation’s leading resale clothing franchises, is a growing network of hardworking, passionate entrepreneurs—and we’re continually looking to add new owners and new stores across the U.S.

If you like the idea of opening your very own Uptown Cheapskate store, you’ll want to make sure it’s a good match. Here are some of the top qualities we look for in our franchisees.


When you open an Uptown Cheapskate, you’re the one in charge. Entrepreneurship comes with a ton of benefits, like being able to set your own hours and watch your wealth grow through your hard work. However, it does require a business-savvy mindset.

You’ll need to be able to navigate challenges by coming up with creative solutions and make decisions for the benefit of the company. Therefore, experience in business operations or management is not required but is certainly helpful.

A proven leader

Uptown Cheapskate is not a single-employee business. You’ll need to build a team of loyal, hardworking employees to help you run the store. Your staff will help at checkout, stock shelves and process intake for new inventory.

Our franchisees need to be able to effectively hire, train and manage multiple employees on an ongoing basis. More importantly, Uptown Cheapskate owners need to be respectable leaders their teams can count on for help and guidance along the way.

A disrupter

Uptown Cheapskate is a brand that is changing the way people perceive secondhand shopping. Our upscale aesthetic and commitment to rigorous quality standards set us apart in the industry.

Because our brand is so disruptive, we want to work with franchisees with the same ideals. Our owners are people who want to shake up the market and who aren’t afraid to try something new.


The secret ingredient to successful entrepreneurship is passion. Running a franchise is not merely a job. Owning a resale clothing business of your own should be a high priority and something you’re truly passionate about.

Passion is also important when you consider the ethos of our business model. Uptown Cheapskate is committed to giving back to the community by purchasing gently used clothes and providing stylish, affordable fashion. We help bolster communities and the planet—and our owners wake up every day excited about it!

Committed to sustainability

Uptown Cheapskate isn’t just a business. It’s a commitment to serving others, including the planet! Our resale clothing business model helps reduce waste of all kinds, particularly textile waste that ends up in landfills around the globe. By upcycling clothing and extending each garment’s life, we’re helping to reduce the fashion industry’s impact on the planet.

Our model attracts like-minded franchisees who truly care about protecting the Earth. We want entrepreneurs who are as committed to sustainability as we are.

Ready to learn

You’ll never find “retail experience” listed as a requirement for Uptown Cheapskate franchise ownership. If you don’t have experience in the resale or retail market, that’s no problem! We’ve crafted an in-depth training program that teaches new owners everything they need to know to successfully launch and grow their stores.

The thing we do look for is a franchisee’s willingness to learn and adapt. Our proven model for resale clothing has helped our brand grow to 100 stores across the country. We’re interested in working with owners who accept and apply that model and take our training in stride.

Do you see yourself in this list? If so, you might be a perfect fit for Uptown Cheapskate’s business model! Request more information today to learn about our resale clothing franchise opportunity and begin your journey to store ownership.