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Blending Technology with Apparel

Historically, retail has not been closely associated with technology. However, times are changing, and modern businesses need to keep up with digital advancements to stay relevant. Despite its non-traditional approach to retail shopping, Uptown Cheapskate is a great example of a retail brand that uses technology to its benefit. Our leading-edge digital systems provide benefits at every point of the sales process, from accepting inventory to after a customer makes their purchase.

Take a closer look at how Uptown Cheapskate’s integrated technology supports our retail franchisees.

Digital training platform

Uptown Cheapskate’s digital training platform supports new franchise owners from day one. New franchisees are not required to have experience in retail management. We ensure all owners are prepared to run their resale clothing stores by providing comprehensive training both in-person and online.

After your initial training sessions and week-long internship, you’ll have 24/7 access to our online training modules. These programs have been designed and perfected to fill any gaps in your experience and give you the tools you need to thrive in the retail environment. The digital training platform covers all aspects of running your Uptown Cheapskate franchise business, so you can refresh your memory and improve your skills as needed.

Digital training is not only beneficial to you as the owner but also to your employees! We’ve created a library of over 40 hours of employee training to ensure your entire team has the information they need to operate your store. This takes the training burden off your shoulders, so you have more time to focus on owner-level duties, and lets employees train in a convenient, local way. And, because it’s a digital platform, we’re able to update training materials regularly so that they stay current and on par with the latest changes across our franchise system.

Detailed inventory management

As a resale clothing store, you’ll be buying and selling garments from people in your local community. But without extensive retail experience, it can be challenging to know exactly what to pay and how much to mark clothing up for resale. At Uptown Cheapskate, we’ve taken guesswork out of the equation and made buying and reselling apparel easy!

Our Inventory Management & Appraisal Program (IMAP) is a proprietary software program that’s accessible to you and your team in-store. It shows you what to pay for items that customers bring in and how to price the items for resale. IMAP also instructs you on quality checks for your inventory, so you can be sure each piece meets our quality standards and the price reflects its worth on the market.

Once you and your staff are trained on IMAP, buying clothes and maintaining your store’s inventory will be easier than ever. This piece of technology is a critical component of Uptown Cheapskate’s success across the franchise system.

POS with real-time data

Another element in our sales technology suite is our point of sale (POS) system. During your initial training period and your employees’ online training, you’ll learn to use the POS system to ring customers up and complete each transaction with ease. POS systems make operating a retail store fast and simple.

However, our POS system is much more than that. Uptown Cheapskate prides itself on maintaining a transparent franchise network across the board. This includes providing franchisees with up-to-the-minute sales information from stores across the country. In just a few minutes, you can compare your store’s numbers to your peers to see how you’re faring. The idea is to provide all our franchise owners with the best data available to help them succeed.

Take advantage of Uptown Cheapskate’s technology suite

From ongoing digital training to proprietary inventory management to updated POS data, Uptown Cheapskate’s technology is designed to support franchise owners where they need it most. We give you the tools you need to operate your resale clothing store, so you can focus on business growth and giving back.

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