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A Bet on Upscale Resale is a Win

There are a lot of retail franchise opportunities out there. Aspiring entrepreneurs have their pick of brands, especially when it comes to the sale of clothing and apparel. However, franchisees also want to know that the business they choose has a strong competitive advantage.

In a saturated market like clothing sales, you need a key differentiator to unlock success. In the case of Uptown Cheapskate, we’ve tapped into a largely untapped market with an eager and waiting customer base: upscale resale shoppers.

Unlike other resale brands or thrift stores, Uptown Cheapskate offers customers something different—clothing and accessories from the high-end brands they love at prices they can’t find anywhere else. Here’s why retail franchisees should take a bet on upscale resale, as opposed to other types of retail franchises.

Designer demand creates a built-in market

There’s a gap in the clothing retail market, and it’s getting bigger. Consumers want to wear the latest fashions from designer brands that dominate the market, but their clothing budgets are only getting smaller.

Items from high-end brands are always in demand. There’s a reason they are popular. Brands like Anthropologie, Levi’s and Zara make high-quality garments catered to new fashion trends, and their pieces last. Unfortunately for buyers, they also come at a higher price point.

More and more, these brands are becoming out of reach for the average consumer. Lower wages and world events like the coronavirus pandemic have trimmed consumers’ budgets, turning high-ticket clothing items into unrealistic purchases. Despite how much shoppers want upscale clothing, they either can’t or don’t want to pay upscale prices.

This is where upscale resale stores come into play. Offering gently used, in-style garments from top brands at a fraction of the retail price makes stores like Uptown Cheapskate extremely attractive. By shopping at our locations, shoppers can attain the appearance they want at the price they’re willing or able to pay.

Opportunity abounds in the upscale resale market

Despite the growing demand for low-cost, name-brand apparel, upscale resale remains a relatively untapped market. Even designer outlets can’t offer prices as low as resale stores do, nor do they offer the other benefits, like reduced environmental impact.

Most other secondhand clothing stores aren’t focused on trendy, name-brand clothing. Uptown Cheapskate has a selective purchasing process, during which we screen for quality and style. This ensures our stock includes only the best apparel from the most in-demand brands. By contrast, customers are more likely to find vintage or out-of-style garments at our competitors’ stores.

Pleasant experiences take our model yet another step above the competition. Our stores are brightly lit and well-organized and have a similar aesthetic to the stores of brands we carry. Customers get to enjoy a simplified and fun shopping experience as they browse racks of clothes organized by color and style, rather than digging through bargain bins, personally inspecting items for wear and tear, and the like. At Uptown Cheapskate, this painstaking process of only offering the best-of-the-best has been taken care of already.

Take advantage of upscale resale’s many opportunities

Aspiring retail franchisees can find ample opportunity in the upscale resale market. As the demand for name-brand clothing remains but spare cash shrinks, the resale clothing market is poised to grow larger than ever before. By catering to fashion-forward customers and delivering high-quality, name-brand items, Uptown Cheapskate differentiates itself in the market and serves a growing consumer base.

Are you ready to begin your career as the owner of an upscale resale clothing franchise? Now is the time to dive into the market and capitalize on its untapped potential! Learn more by downloading our free franchise information report. A representative will reach out shortly to get you started on your journey to franchise ownership!