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How Uptown Cheapskate Franchisees Make a Positive Impact on the World Around Them

Owning an Uptown Cheapskate franchise is a rewarding business for the environment

Each American disposes of an estimated 70 to 80 pounds of clothing every year. That means almost 85 percent of our clothing goes into landfills, taking up precious space, natural resources, and requiring a dangerously long time to decompose. As a resale clothing business owner with Uptown Cheapskate, your business is positively supporting environmental conservation by simply offering an exceptional sustainable shopping experience. 

Franchising with Uptown Cheapskate means your business promotes affirmative environmental impacts through repurposed clothing. Recycling unwanted clothing gives those potentially wasteful items multiple symbolic lives in circulation – instead of being added to a landfill. 

Our franchisees have grown rapidly for over a decade because of their sustainable qualities. Since our founding in 2008, Uptown Cheapskate has been empowering entrepreneurs with a low-cost investment opportunity, a proven business model, world-class support, and a noble purpose. Our team is committed to establishing your vision and optimizing customer flow, sales, and overhead. Franchisees demonstrate Uptown Cheapskate’s company mission by housing the effort to make a positive global impact.

“There’s a high cost for shopping new and consumers are waking up to the fact that fast-fashion brands are big polluters,” says Chelsea Sloan Carrol, Co-Founder, and President. “Fashion is the number two pollutant in the world. If our customers are shopping for resale, they’re saving the environment and they look just as good as their friends who pay full price.”

Franchisees make an impact on their local community with a resale clothing business

James W. Frick said, “Don’t tell me where your priorities are. Show me where you spend your money and I’ll tell you what they are.” 

Frick is alluding to the idea that even the highest-paid entrepreneurs know that there’s more to life than making money. It’s what you do with your wealth that makes a significant difference. Just like the smartest business owners know that they’re not running a lucrative business alone, Uptown Cheapskate believes it takes an entire community to make a business successful. 

As a community-minded organization, Uptown Cheapskate is a guiding light in their local economy and for their customers’ hunt to find an affordable, sustainable way to keep up with fashion. 

Businesses that give back have a huge selling point to offer customers. More than ever, people are looking to support local small businesses that share their values, so they know their money is benefiting their community. Not only do our franchise owners provide savings from designer-bands at up to 70 percent off their retail price, but we also allow customers to sell their unwanted items to us directly, creating meaningful relationships with each customer as they recycle their textile memories.

With more than 80 locations throughout the country, our dynamic network is engaged every day to enhance the success of our franchisees. Our team has the drive, dedication, and enthusiasm to improve both their business and community. You are never alone in your business when you invest in Uptown Cheapskate franchises. 

“Our mission is to help franchisees be successful in our system,” says Scott Sloan, CEO of Uptown Cheapskate. “Our goal is to drive profitability, manageability, and growth of each store. We do that by providing world-class franchisee support in all aspects of the business. Our ongoing support is robust, and we’re very active in ensuring that your business has all the tools you need to thrive.”

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