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Trade in your day job for business ownership

Owning an Uptown Cheapskate franchise will create a life you can be passionate about

We get it-you’re bored. Fridays don’t come soon enough, Mondays are unbearable and Sundays are reserved for dreading the week ahead. With all the rush and routine of corporate life, personal fulfillment can easily fall to the wayside. Think about it: When’s the last time you truly felt alive?

Unmatched in its offering, support and market impact, Uptown Cheapskate is ready to help you live your best life. If you’re prepared to trade in your day job for business ownership, our clothing store franchise presents the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

Ditch the cubicle – invest in your legacy with the Uptown Cheapskate Franchise Opportunity

Your potential stretches well beyond the four walls of a cubicle. You’re driven, goal-oriented and passionate about making a difference. Let the Uptown Cheapskate franchise opportunity serve as your gateway to a greater destiny!

Just like you, our owner-operators were over the rat race. They were craving an opportunity to create a lasting legacy for their families and define success on their own terms. Join the hundreds of franchisees who seized Uptown Cheapskate’s high-margin opportunity and never looked back.

“We already knew we liked the concept and then we decided to go with Uptown Cheapskate,” said owner Margarette Baze, who fell in love with our concept after experiencing one of our upscale fashion stores for herself. “I feel like this is a business that we can grow into several locations … our kids will eventually be able to run it – everyone can join in this business.”

Baze is the driving force behind one of Uptown Cheapskate’s 70-plus fashion resale locations, which are known nationwide as communal spaces that celebrate style, savings and the environment. Complete with ongoing support, extensive training and a refined business model, our clothing store franchise program takes the guesswork out of retail operations and business management, so that you can pursue the life you’ve always wanted with confidence and ease.

You’d look great as a clothing store franchise owner

There’s no such thing as a “typical day” when you own one of our retail stores – no morning memos, no drawn-out staff meetings, no mundane tasks. Basecamp Franchising has designed a concept that walks you through entrepreneurship step by step, and helps you discover how to chart your own path. There’s something about knowing that your success starts and ends with you that propels you forward in business ownership. Feel that exhilaration with our network’s decades of expertise behind you.


“You have all these other people that are like-minded entrepreneurs, and everyone comes at everything a little differently,” says operating duo Emily and Nancy Schramm, who enjoy having access to Basecamp Franchising’s network of winning resale concepts. “You always have a sounding board, no matter what the challenge may be. It’s easier being part of a franchise with other owners, who are able to help each other out.”

If you’ve been teetering on the edge of entrepreneurship, there’s no better time to take the leap. Our sophisticated retail clothing franchise model is designed to illuminate the way forward.

Tap into a market with undeniable rewards

Eighty-five percent of U.S. resale stores sell $250,000 or less each year. Uptown Cheapskate stores do double that volume, putting franchisees in the best position to maximize their investment. However, the potential returns exceed the financial realm. Our team can’t wait to help you tap into the satisfaction that comes from building your own empire.

Don’t let the familiarity of corporate life hold you back from everything you were meant to achieve as a retail business owner. Connect with the Uptown Cheapskate franchise team to get started today!