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Green Business is Smart Business

The most worthwhile business concepts are those you can stand behind, those that align with your personal values, ethics and interests. When you’re fully invested in a concept — mind, body and soul — you’re more likely to ground yourself in what truly matters: building up your local economy, serving your community and making an impact on more than just the bottom line.

If you have a heart for the care and conservation of planet Earth, our retail clothing franchise opportunity is a fit for you. Explore the many ways that Uptown Cheapskate helps owner-operators do their part to manifest greater good.

Bring the green scene to your neighborhood with our retail clothing franchise

Americans waste 14 million tons of clothing per year. Where do those old threads go? Straight to landfills, to sit for decades. Retail clothing franchise brands like Uptown Cheapskate present an alternative, inviting community members to recycle their used clothing, shoes and accessories for the good of our planet.

“We came across Uptown Cheapskate and instantly loved the idea of creating relationships with those in our community. There is no better feeling than when you can provide great service and products to appreciating customers,” says Texas franchise owner Darrin Song. “The fact that Uptown Cheapskate has almost no carbon footprint and helps recycle great items is just another positive to this equation.”

Our franchisees are more than just store owners; they are champions for a larger ecology movement that translates to less waste and more savings for secondhand shoppers. What’s the good in starting a business if financial gain is the only reward? Take advantage of a unique opportunity to become part of something bigger than yourself with our smart resale clothing business model.

Unite your community in the name of style as an Uptown Cheapskate franchise owner

Imagine a day in the life as a resale store owner. One moment, you’re helping a starry-eyed young man find the perfect outfit for a first date. The next, you’re helping a local teen make a little extra cash as you calculate the value of the contents of her closet. You’ll enjoy hearing the stories behind each piece, as well as stocking them in your inventory for the next customer to add to their collection.

Our wardrobes truly do tell the stories of our lives — stories of joy and triumph, growth and progress. Second-hand stores invite customers to share in each other’s stories in a truly unique way.

“There is never a day that is the same, for better or for worse. You never know what’s coming in the door product-wise,” said owner Justin Crump, whose Utah store has become a mainstay in his community. “It’s really nice being part of the community. Owning your own store and giving back is really special.”

Our stores create a cost-effective alternative to traditional retail options that customers appreciate. Studies show that the average American woman’s closet contains between $1,000 and $2,499 worth of items. Second-hand concepts like Uptown Cheapskate maximize the value of those items by giving them a second life. Top fashion brands that are otherwise costly are available for deeply discounted prices at our stores – making them prime destinations for brand-savvy, eco-conscious customers.

Give back and build a business with our retail clothing franchise program

Uptown Cheapskate’s retail clothing franchise owners value our triple bottom line operation. Our model prioritizes social, economic and environmental returns, allowing franchisees to assume roles as true agents of local and global change.

With franchise opportunities available nationwide, there’s plenty of room for passionate owners to join our growing network of green businesses. Find out how you can establish your own eco-friendly resale destination with Uptown Cheapskate today!