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Become Your Own Boss With a Resale Clothing Business

As Americans’ love for sustainability gets even bigger, resale clothing franchise owners get to help their community shop responsibly

If you have yet to notice, consumers care about shopping sustainably. According to a recent report by Nielsen’s, 73 percent of global consumers say they would definitely or probably change their consumption habits to reduce their impact on the environment. As consumers become more interested in not only what they’re putting in their bodies, they’re also becoming more interested in what they put on their bodies. 

The impact of the latter can be seen — and felt — in the booming $24 billion resale clothing industry, which is poised to reach $51 billion by 2023, according to ThredUp, as more and more people see the value in buying used clothing. 

Entrepreneurs seeking the perfect resale clothing business to capitalize on this should look no further than Uptown Cheapskate. With more than 75 locations throughout the country, Uptown Cheapskate is the premier upscale resale clothing franchise in the nation. By focusing on providing a chic and trendy customer experience, a commitment to giving back and environmental sustainability, Uptown Cheapskate is poised to grow for years to come.

“Uptown Cheapskate exists to bring affordable styles to the masses,” says Scott Sloan, CEO of Uptown Cheapskate. “We’re a mainstream alternative to resale. We appeal to a wider customer base than a lot of our competitors because we focus on an upscale experience that doesn’t feel like resale. We’ve been rapidly growing for years, and we’re going to add hundreds of locations in the years to come.”resale clothing franchise

Why Now is the Time to Invest in an Uptown Cheapskate 

Uptown Cheapskate believes it takes an entire community to make a business successful. This is why we are a community-minded organization. Not only do our franchise owners deliver an unmatched resale shopping experience that provides tremendous savings on in-fashion items all year long, but we also give our customers the ability to sell their clothes back to us directly –  and for the clothes we don’t buy, we donate them on behalf of our customers. This keeps thousands of items out of landfills every week and creates a relationship that is based on giving and trust. 

Uptown Cheapskate is a mainstream alternative to traditional resale and is revolutionizing the booming resale clothing industry. While other businesses are failing to grab the attention of millennials, our resale clothing business caters to them directly. America has a serious environmental crisis on its hands, and its consumers, especially millennials and Gen Z, want to minimize their impact on the environment. This is where Uptown Cheapskate shines. 

Even better, we’re still growing across the country and are looking for savvy entrepreneurs who are looking to make an impact in their communities. Our resale clothing business is simple to run and easy to scale. The total investment to open a new Uptown Cheapskate franchise ranges from $302,763 to $487,763.

At Uptown Cheapskate, our success is your success, and we will be with you every step of the way to ensure that your business has the potential to thrive for decades. 

“It’s a very exciting time for Uptown Cheapskate,” says Dave Martell, Director of Franchise Development with Uptown Cheapskate. “We’re growing rapidly across the nation, and there’s a ton of opportunity to expand. We want to help you reach your goals, whether that’s one store that becomes a career you can be passionate about every day, or creating an empire that’s a real income generator. The majority of our franchisees didn’t have retail experience before they joined our brand, and we have the support to help you master this business. We want to love working with people and have an entrepreneurial spirit, and we can fill in the rest. This is an outstanding business opportunity that really makes sense right now.”

Ready to start your new career as an Uptown Cheapskate franchise owner?

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