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Uptown Cheapskate Franchise Aims to Take Brand To New Heights in 2020

The thriving resale clothing franchise expects its double-digit sales growth to continue throughout 2020

As the New Year approaches, entrepreneurs are seeking a business opportunity that offers high margins, a simple business model that’s easy to scale and robust training and support over the long-term to ensure longevity. Uptown Cheapskate, an upscale resale clothing franchise, checks all of those boxes. 

Launched in 2008, Uptown Cheapskate now has more than 75 locations in 22 states. We focus on giving young adults a place to buy and sell fashionable, name-brand items and a sustainable shopping experience that aligns with their values of environmental responsibility and community.

In 2019, our brand had a very strong year as far as sales performance goes. resale clothing franchise

“The exciting thing about Uptown Cheapskate is that for the past five years in a row, each year has broken the previous years’ record for average sales and profit levels,” says David Martell, Director of Franchise Development. “We’re seeing a lot of success with this brand because of the high-level engagement and commitment of our franchisees.”

Martell notes that Uptown Cheapskate opened five stores in 2019 and with an additional 25

franchise licenses sold is currently working on opening about 15 to 20 stores in 2020. “That would be our best year ever as far as openings go,” he says proudly. “It’s all because of our franchisees. They’ve been committed to reinvesting and growing their businesses.”

He adds that about 60 percent of the stores opening in 2020 are from current franchise owners who are becoming multi-unit operators, while the remaining 40 percent of those stem from franchisees working to reach that status. 

“We have franchisees who are doubling down on their investments and picking up speed,” Martell explains. “One of the great things about Uptown Cheapskate is that our business model is not only simple to scale, but these stores are typically located about 15 to 20 minutes from each other. This allows the franchisee to be nimble and move feasibly between each store he or she owns.” 

Make an Impact with an Uptown Cheapskate Franchise

Now is a great time to invest in an Uptown Cheapskate franchise. Why? The resale clothing industry is booming. According to research from retail analytics firm GlobalData, the fashion resale market is exploding, growing 21 times faster than the retail market over the past three years. 

It’s hard to believe, but it’s true: Americans are choosing to shop for used clothing over buying new items en masse – and we couldn’t be more thrilled. Here at Uptown Cheapskate, we are revolutionizing the $24 billion resale clothing industry. With more than 75 locations throughout the country, we are the premier upscale resale clothing franchise in the United States. By focusing on providing a chic and trendy customer experience, a commitment to giving back and environmental sustainability, Uptown Cheapskate is poised to grow for years to come.

“Uptown Cheapskate exists to bring affordable styles to the masses,” says Scott Sloan, CEO of Uptown Cheapskate. “We’re a mainstream alternative to resale. We appeal to a wider customer base than a lot of our competitors because we focus on an upscale experience that doesn’t feel like resale. We’ve been rapidly growing now for years, and we’re going to add hundreds of locations in the years to come.”

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