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3 Trends Our Clothing Franchise Owners Are Embracing

Fashion trends come and go, but a forward-thinking business model is built to last. At Uptown Cheapskate, we prioritize infrastructure and innovation, which helps our clothing store franchise owners keep a pulse on the industry and break barriers in their local markets. In addition to offering a wealth of support, our system is designed to take advantage of the latest developments in retail, making us the best clothing franchise to open for those who are born leaders.

Looking to invest in a brand that hits the ground running and keeps shoppers on their toes? Here are three trends that Uptown Cheapskate’s owners are embracing in their stores.

Our franchise clothing stores value today’s ‘sharing economy’

Why pay the high price of ownership when you can share? Businesses like Uber and Rent the Runway are thriving because of a growing tendency among Millennials (age 21-39) and Generation Z consumers (age 20 and under) to find greater value in others’ used goods. This option is not only cost-effective, it creates a more connected culture to which franchise clothing stores like Uptown Cheapskate can actively contribute.

When customers enter our shops, they’re not only looking to find their next statement piece or comfy jeans. They want to participate in the communal practice of secondhand shopping. They’re eager to sell their gently used goods in hopes of helping the next guest save some cash and add a touch of flair to their closet. Green business isn’t just big business for our owners; it’s a smart, sound response to today’s sharing marketplace.

We’re your friendly neighborhood resale destination

recent study conducted by Accenture Interactive reported that “56% of consumers are more likely to shop at a retailer that recognizes them by name.” Rather than aimlessly roaming the floors of the mall or disappearing among the aisles of big-box retailers, customers choose Uptown Cheapskate for the personalization it provides. With our guidance, owner-operators quickly become local destinations for chic and affordable retail options.

“If I thought I had to launch a retail store on my own, I wouldn’t have done it. Knowing there are people smarter than us behind everything makes us feel better,” said Louisiana owners David and Shannon Linton, who credit their store’s favorable local reputation to Basecamp Franchising’s model and support. “We have the coolest store in town; it’s the place to be and shop in Bossier City. To be associated with this brand is awesome.”

Despite having serious brand recognition, Uptown Cheapskate owners are true hometown heroes who excel in delivering the kind of retail experiences customers deserve. From helping guests find the perfect matching earrings to determining the fairest valuation for a customer’s favorite dress, Uptown Cheapskate owners go above and beyond to serve community members in a unique way.

We’re the best clothing franchise to open for a true tech advantage

It’s no surprise that retailers are integrating various forms of technology to enhance the shopping experience. In the midst of this tech wave, Uptown Cheapskate leverages comprehensive software to make retail store ownership attainable for all.

“The technology support is fantastic, because we’re not technology geniuses,” said Tulsa, Oklahoma, owners Natalie and Lyle Armstrong. “The whole concept, in general, is well thought-out. There are always things that are going to change, but the team has always been helpful.”

Between our state-of-the-art valuation program, reporting systems and more, owner-operators have everything they need to take the resale market to new heights in their area.

Ride the wave of retail innovation with our winning clothing franchise concept

Are you ready to start a business with a cutting-edge model as your blueprint for growth? There’s no limit to what you can accomplish with our dedicated team on your side. Satisfy your thirst to innovate and passion for entrepreneurship when you invest in the Uptown Cheapskate clothing retail franchise opportunity. A member of our clothing store franchise support team is waiting to speak with you today about becoming an owner!