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Consider Our Low-Cost Clothing Franchise Opportunity

Your dream of starting your own business is possible, especially with all the support Uptown Cheapskate has in place to help franchise owners thrive. With start-up costs ranging from $234,500 to $394,000, which includes an initial franchise fee of $25,000, our team has designed a low-cost franchise opportunity that is hip, fun and poised for longevity in a stable market.

Have you been considering owning an apparel franchise? Here are a few reasons why Uptown Cheapskate is one of the best retail franchises for aspiring entrepreneurs!

A low-cost clothing franchise opportunity designed with community in mind

Our executive team developed the Uptown Cheapskate franchise concept to help business owners nationwide give back to their local communities. We understand their desire to connect with neighborhood shoppers through an engaging and unifying resale experience. After all, a resale store at its heart is a communal enterprise – inviting stylish consumers from the same region to do their part for the planet and recycle their favorite clothes. Uptown kicks it up a notch with our focus on upscale brands. Our guests love to skim our racks for the hottest fashion brands and accessories, available at deep discounts. Thrift is stylish, and it’s here to stay! Owner-operators have a unique opportunity to contribute to this timeless industry, as well as their local economy, with the help of our low-cost franchise program.

Access decades of resale franchise knowledge as an Uptown Cheapskate franchise owner

Who are the minds behind Uptown Cheapskate? We’re resale experts! With 24 years of experience, two unique brands and one recession-resistant concept, BaseCamp Franchising is a pioneer in resale. We’ve refined a model that leverages the right technology, a sound operational outlook and community-oriented values to help business owners grow healthy resale establishments with ample support. Our low-cost franchise opportunity makes it possible for aspiring business owners to join forces with a true market leader that offers longevity, know-how and a wealth of resources for every leg of the entrepreneurial journey.

Utilize state-of-the-art apparel franchise technology to launch and grow your business

Launching a resale business with growth in mind can be a challenge. Tasks such as pricing and inventory management can easily overwhelm new resale franchise owners. However, Uptown Cheapskate has curated cutting-edge technology that definitively distinguishes us as one of the best retail franchises in the industry. IMAP3, our proprietary software, helps our apparel franchise owners price each piece appropriately so they don’t have to worry about becoming an expert in valuation. Invest in our low-cost franchise opportunity and enjoy the guidance our software provides when it comes to inventory, benchmarking and reporting. These are critical aspects of resale franchise management, as they ultimately serve as your roadmap to future growth. Let Uptown Cheapskate outfit you with everything you need to launch and maintain a high-performing business.

Endless possibilities for one low-cost investment – choose the Uptown Cheapskate franchise program today!

Don’t let anything stop you from pursuing a new life of freedom, fun and friends as an Uptown Cheapskate clothing franchise owner. There are plenty of ways that our apparel franchise team can help you secure easy financing!

Uptown Cheapskate is pre-approved through Wells Fargo Bank and listed on the SBA Franchise Registry. We also have an in-house financial advisor and partnerships with reliable third-party lenders – all of whom can’t wait to help you figure out how to fund the business of your dreams.

Speak with a member of our franchise support team to learn more about our low-cost franchise opportunity today!