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On October 19th, 2017

Green Business is Smart Business at Uptown Cheapskate

The most worthwhile business concepts are those you can stand behind, those that align with your personal values, ethics and interests. When you’re fully invested in a concept — mind, body and soul — you’re more likely to ground yourself in what truly matters: building up your local economy, serving your community and making an ...

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On October 5th, 2017

Uptown Cheapskate is More Than a Thrift Store Franchise

Just when you thought you’ve seen everything the secondhand market has to offer, Uptown Cheapskate raises the bar, delivering an upscale experience that redefines resale, one article of gently used clothing at a time. For customers, our first-class clothing store franchise concept means more organized store layouts, enthusiastic team members, next-level brand interactions, and undeniable bargains on ...

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